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Sophie Joe’s Emporium Partners with Second Harvest Heartland

SophieJoe’s Emporium is joining with Second Harvest Heartland in a holiday food and needed items drive starting November 1 and running through December 31. Last year, one in 10 Minnesotans was at risk of not having enough to eat and hungry Minnesotans missed 125 million meals. Hunger in our region has doubled over the past five years. Second Harvest Heartland is the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief organization. Its goal is not only to help hungry people today, but also to provide the means for everyone to be fed tomorrow. In 2010 it collected, warehoused and distributed nearly 60 million pounds of food.
SophieJoe’s Emporium is a locally owned shopping emporium with more than 40 different artisans and vendors, each dealer showcasing their individual vision of fashion, décor and collectibles: 453 West Seventh Street, 651-457-9934 or
Anyone who brings in five items from Second Harvest Heartland’s “most needed items” list receives a 5% discount card for SophieJoe’s merchandise. Donations by Visa or MasterCard or in cash also receive the 5% discount card for every $100 donated.
Most needed items include meats, fish and protein products; canned tuna, ham or chicken, beef stew, chili, peanut butter, canned/dried beans, fruits and vegetables, 100% fruit juice, canned fruits and vegetables, instant potatoes, fruit preserves; complete meals such as pasta & sauce, boxed meals, hearty soups; grains, cereal, rice; hygiene products including shampoo, deodorant, soap, diapers, toilet paper, feminine hygiene, toothpaste; cleaning supplies such as laundry detergent, paper towels, kitchen and bathroom cleaners.

West End Qualities Revealed in Study
Twin Cities METRO Ranks the Best Neighborhoods

by quinton skinner
[Editor’s note: When Twin Cities METRO published its September feature on the “Twin Cities’ Best Neighborhoods,” we were intrigued by the results of their work that placed the West Seventh neighborhood in fifth place in St. Paul and right in the middle ranking of all Twin Cities neighborhoods. (For the complete article and rankings see the “Best neighborhoods” feature at Our thanks to Editor in Chief Chris Clayton for permission to publish an excerpt.)
They worked with consultants and neighborhood resources to develop a set of criteria with which to assess each area according to eleven variables. Community Reporter invites you to use this material as a catalyst for thinking about the West End, and to write us some of your thoughts. We’ll publish a selection to start off the new year in January.
Some questions you might consider: “Are these categories the best ones to use? Are there other important categories to consider?” “Looking at the strengths of the West End, how do they influence our quality of life?” “Looking at the weaker West End results, how could we work to improve them?”
Send your comments to or call 651-587-8859 to discuss writing a response.]

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