Please return Canna Bulbs to 503 St. Clair [IMAGE]


Recently a thief who might think they are a gardener removed the variegated Canna bulbs from a flower pot on West 7th near Randolph. Possibly the thief was worried the bulbs had been abandoned to a fall freeze. No you were wrong! These pots are maintained by the West End Gardeners and Mike Dorn and the bulbs would have been saved for next year as they had been for the last two years. The bulbs had been donated to beautify the neighborhood and this person stole from the neighborhood. If you were really worried about the Canna freezing, why didn’t you take all of them? No, you just wanted the best ones for yourself.

We have also had a spate of pot tipping this summer. This is kinda like cow tipping, or outhouse tipping, but it really isn’t good for the plants or the pots, which break. So cut it out, unless you want to leave a large check behind to pay for your thoughtless fun.

If you are the person or know the thief, please return the canna bulbs to 503 St. Clair Ave. No questions will be asked by us. You might ask yourself some though.

Kent Petterson
For the West End Gardeners

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