New Year's Wishes

Coordinated by Maxine McCormick

In these essays we asked area youth: What are your hopes, dreams, wishes for yourself, the country or for the earth?

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Junior/Senior High
New Year's Wishes
Please Come True

Kathy Clark, St. Francis-St. James, Grade 3-4

I want to be the best friend in the universe. I will never give up on my friends. They are super important. This is how I will be better:
1) I will never tell a lie.
2) I will let my friends be first.
3) I will be nicer than before.
4) I will never be mean.
5 I will never fight.
by Grmawi, Grade 3

I want my family to be peaceful. I should help my mom with the food and my dad to cut the wood.
by Aldo, Grade 3

I want everyone to do the three p’s. That means pay attention, participate and practice. That would help people outside and inside the classroom.
by Carl, Grade 3

[IMAGE]I would like the environment to be better. Not as much pollution in the river and to help the animals to make a better habitat. So the earth can be a better place for life and living.
by Jena, Grade 3

In 2011, I’m not going to bully anyone. No more drama. I’m going to be a better person.
by Saron, Grade 4

I hope in 2011 that St. Francis St. James School does not close because this is the best school ever. I go there, so please, don’t close the school. It is a great school and it is fun. Come to this school so we can stay open forever, so we can help the world be a better place.
by Tom, Grade 4

[IMAGE]In 2010 I thought we should improve on peace. We should treat other people like they want to be treated because we’re all brothers and sisters.

In 2011 we should pray for all the people that are in the war and army. We should be thankful for everything they do and how brave they are to serve us.
by Yesima, Grade 4

My New Year’s resolution is to lend a helping hand when needed, because when you help, it’ll help them want to lend a helping hand, too. When it spreads around the world, it’ll be a better place.
by Casey, Grade 4

I will give things up and give things to all the people who need it. I will give some of my clothing to Joseph’s Coat and I will give to “Feed the Starving Children” for my birthday. I will also encourage other to give up and give. by Riley, Grade 4

Elizabeth Mena-Larsen, Four Seasons Grade 5

I want to have a clean school playground. I want this to happen because kids have been going home with dog droppings on their shoes or they find beer bottles or cigarette butts. People that have dogs shouldn’t just leave their dog droppings or leave their trash on the ground. I just want to have a clean school playground.
by Malik

[IMAGE]My New Year’s wish is to see my dad again. My first dad. I called him on the phone. He told me that I have two brothers. That blew me away, but not the good way. I wouldn’t care where we met. I haven’t seen him in three years. I really miss him. It is like there are many missing pieces from my heart.
by Samantha

My wish is for my mom to have a vacation because sometime I am a pain in the neck. I would like her to go to Florida because it is relaxing, peaceful, and quiet. When she gets back, I will make her feel just like when she was in Florida.
by Donna

In Minnesota it’s cold. There are a lot of car accidents when it is really slippery. When it snows here, it looks like a winter wonderland. When it is freezing outside, lots of people go sledding. Snow feels like a blizzard and it’s cold. Brr. I wish to keep Minnesota warm.
by Kaylin

My wish is for the terrorists to stop. I know they hate us, but it doesn’t matter. We hate the Packers but do we kill them? No! Look, I don’t want any terrorism, I just want peace. Is that too much to ask for?
by Kenny
Cathalina Young,
West 7th Community Center, Grade 5-8

My wish for the New Year is to have good friendships with my friends because the last year, I did not have very good friendships with my friends.
by Ashley, Grade 6, Linwood Monroe A+

For the New Year I want to help the earth and be more green. Also, I want to not fail any classes. And I want 2011 to be a stress free year. I wish that there were less problems in the world for all of us.
by Bemnet, Grade 6, Capitol Hill

M[IMAGE]ary Tschida, St. Francis-St James, Grade 2

My wish is that everyone practices stuff they need to improve.
by Yafet

My wish is that no natural disasters or bad storms happen.
by Sophia

I hope everyone is safe and no one gets hurt. by Oscar
I wish that animals are safe and no oil spills come.
by Catrina

My wish is that everyone is warm this winter. by Mya
My wish is that everyone likes the New Year’s parade.
by Tristin

My wish is that everyone has a good New Year. by Leah
My wish is that everyone has a happy and safe New Year. by Abby

Sarah Lind, Four Seasons Intersession, Grade 5-6

My wish is to have my parent’s believe me so I’m not getting in trouble. They never take my side.

My resolution is to be kind and not to get mad at people because I have anger issues. My second resolution is to not throw a tantrum in front of my parents because it embarrasses them.
by Carl, Grade 5

I want to have good grades because I don’t want to flunk the sixth grade.

I want to have an awesome year without any drama because I’m going into middle school and I don’t want anything from the past to hurt me throughout middle school.

I also wish for no more drama in my life. When there is drama, people don’t feel safe because people who aren’t in just jump in and start saying things to the other person when they don’t even know what is going on.
by Brooke, Grade 6

I want to learn Hmong so I can communicate with my grandparents who speak mostly Hmong. I wish that I could see my dad’s side of the family more often because I haven’t seen them in a long time.
by Gloria, Grade 5

[IMAGE]My wishes are that my neighborhood would be more peaceful because there are gunshots and police and more like that. More of my wishes are to get my tooth down because one day when I was little, I fell down and my tooth went up into my jaw. Then a few years later, I had surgery and now they have to pull it down again this year.

Another wish is to get an mp3 because I want to listen to music and I am in the middle of my two brothers and they are always loud and I always have to listen to their music. Another News Year’s wish is to get out of trouble, because, for a long time, I am always getting in it. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get my math grade up and my reading up because my reading and my math are really low. Another resolution is to have an awesome year.
by Maria, Grade 6

Ann Peck, St Francis-St James, Grade 5-6

My wish for my country in the New Year is that the war will end, so that all of the soldiers can come home and see their friends and families for the holidays. I hope that they will never miss a holiday, birthday, family gathering or even a funeral ever again. There are people who go out and risk their lives, their family, and many other things just so we can have the freedom to go to whatever school we want, to choose our religion, and a lot of other things that we take for granted. Just think of the rights we would not have if those people didn’t go out and risk their lives every day. Thank you, troops!
by Kallie, Grade 5

I hope that there will be a better economy. Also, that homeless people will find homes, and that they will stay warm during this cold winter. I know God will be here with us guiding us through this New Year, and He will always be here for us through hard times.
by Hannah, Grade 6

In the New Year, I hope that the war will be officially over. I want every person home. I don’t have anyone in my family at war, but I can’t even imagine what it would be like if my mom, dad, brothers, sisters, niece, aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins, or someone close was away. When I was little, my grandma died and I was devastated. It’s just like having someone die. Sometimes the family does die, too. It’s just hard having someone away for so long. The families suffer.
by Josie, Grade 6
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