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It’s in the sauce

For countless years, Laurel Severson has been the driving force behind the annual West Seventh Spaghetti Dinner. Her sauce is incomparable.

A neighborhood school with room for neighbors

by Anna Kudak, Ph.D., Board Chair What Do You Do with an Idea? is both an excellent question...

Keystone/West 7th Community Center Pen Pal Program

Keystone Senior Services keeps older adults thriving and active through fitness classes, wellness events and social activities.

Planning in the Air, Everywhere

The Fort Road Federation’s (FRF) board of directors is developing two documents that will inform and guide how we can help achieve...

Upper Mississippi Academy Finds its Permanent Home

The new home of Upper Mississippi Academy is at 19 E. Exchange St. in downtown St. Paul, formerly...

Take part in Christmas bird count

The beautiful rustic redwood shingles are finally laid to rest on my roof. The giant blue tarps are gone, as well as...

Healthline: Managing Difficult Emotions: Practice Makes Perfect?

by Brian Rood, PhD, MPH Consider the different skills that you have developed over the course of...

Food Matters: In praise of moderation

In praise of moderation: Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut Milk & Ginger