Food Matters: In praise of moderation

In praise of moderation: Sweet Potato Soup with Coconut Milk & Ginger

Deb says: Losing the Longing

Why Some People Be Mad at Me Sometimes  by Lucille Clifton They ask me to remember  But they want...

Keystone/West 7th Community Center Pen Pal Program

Keystone Senior Services keeps older adults thriving and active through fitness classes, wellness events and social activities.

Checking on Needs of Aging Loved Ones

Source: Minnesota Board on Aging Minnesota has an array of resources to keep in mind when gathering with...

Whole Wide World – West 7th Public Library

St. Paul Public Libraries are now fine free! We no longer charge overdue fines on items that are returned late, and we have forgiven all previous overdue fines.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

How do I know if my stress is becoming too much to handle on my own?

Brake Bread’s Share the Loaf

Share The Loaf is a way for Brake Bread to be a community conduit for neighbors to give and receive bread freely and joyfully with no strings attached.

Food Matters: Bread and Salt

A couple years ago there was a beautiful and moving article in The New York Times called “The Flavors That Unite Syrians” by Dalia Mortada, a journalist reporting from Istanbul covering the civil war in Syria.